The idea to create a calendar series of costumes came about as sort of an assignment to myself, something to work on in between commissioned costume projects.

Because these costumes were created only to be photographed, I was free to experiment with unconventional materials and methods to achieve visual affects that would otherwise be impractical or impossible.

They are photographed on a live model in the studio in front of a custom painted seamless backdrop using 2 1/4 film. The model’s contribution to the image is extremely important as they bring “life” to the image and they are ultimately what the viewer relates to.

This series turned out to be a much more elaborate and time consuming journey than I had originally anticipated, but along the way I have discovered that costumes can tell a story and I am creating my own vocabulary.

I continue to be inspired by fashion magazines, historical high fashion, lavish movie musicals, my childhood Barbie and the natural world around me. My goal is simply to delight the viewer.

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